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Matilde Hidalgo de Procel Library

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Within the journey of the Secretary of Higher Education - SENESCYT, Agustín Albán, and the Undersecretary Aldo Maino during January 17, 2020, their participation in the inauguration of the Matilde Hidalgo Library of Procel stands out, a project directed by the Vallardo Zonal Coordinator Villegas and Zonal Director Alma Zeballos Proaño. This library is located in the SENESCYT Multiple Study Center in Guayaquil (Av. Quito and Padre Solano) and will serve 2,500 students from 3 higher institutes.

Its murals include phrases by the iconic Ecuadorian Matilde Hidalgo, as well as a mural with the work of art Team Matilde, authored by her great-grand niece Jodie Padilla Lozano. Jodie allowed the use of her work as input for the prepared installations. Vallardo Villegas, Zonal Coordinator of SENESCYT is one of the Ecuadorian personalities who show their support for Jodie Padilla Lozano and Team Matilde; He has expressed the contribution that Jodie provides in the work of raising awareness about the struggles and achievements of Matilde Hidalgo.

In her words to the audience, Jodie began by recalling the verses from the poem "Mi ideal" by Matilde Hidalgo:


"Oh science!

Oh beautiful goddess!

As I contemplate you in your beautiful mansion,

my poor heart lost its cool. "


Thus describing his fascination for knowledge and intellectual wealth. Matilde's qualities "her tenacity, courage, resilience and generosity" were also highlighted; the importance of "her uncorrupted wake being an example for all generations to come" and the story behind Matilde's Doodle and her management to make it possible. Jodie's artwork not only became an inspiration for Google's development of the Doodle, but is also now an official part of her great-great-aunt's library logo.

Finally, the SENESCYT representatives were symbolically recognized with the Team Matilde pin by the relatives of the illustrious pioneer, their support was recognized in the task of keeping Matilde's legacy alive and the event was closed, taking the official photo with all the attendees.

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