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Centennial of the Title of Dr. of  Matilde Hidalgo
Premiere of "Matilde Hidalgo Al Ecuador" 2nd Edition

This date is particularly special for the work of Team Matilde, since not only is the Centennial of its Degree celebrated with an event organized by the Central University of Ecuador (request made 2 years ago to the Rector of the UCE Dr. Fernando Sempértegui due to artistic collaboration with the Matilde Hidalgo Student Association), but also celebrate 2 years  since Google accepted Team Matilde's request and created the first Doodle of an Ecuadorian woman.


For reasons that abound, Ambassadors Team Matilde and an international ally, we have been able to create the second edition of "Matilde Hidalgo Al Ecuador", a hyper-realistic 3D animation of Matilde, sponsored by the International Center for Journalists in Washington DC, with a message of improvement of Matilde for our generation. We have managed to revive Matilde in the Digital Age and we want you to enjoy this experience!

🗓️ Day: Sunday, November 21
⏰ Time: 8 am Ecuador time
📍 Place: YouTube channel 
✅ Link:

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