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Doodle Matilde Hidalgo de Procel

On November 21, 2019, to everyone's surprise, Matilde Hidalgo from Procel is celebrated by a giant! The reason? To be the first Ecuadorian to graduate as a doctor in Ecuador. Matilde, our pioneer, was also the first woman to vote in Latin America. See more of the news that echoed around the globe "Doodle by Matilde Hidalgo for all of Latin America"

From 00:00 on November 21, Google honors Matilde's legacy with a Doodle in her memory. The Doodle (or "scribble" for its meaning in English) is a graphic representation of the Google logo but with an artistic touch. The fusion of the brand's letters and the drawings of its illustrators give way to commemorating a special date, a feat or a historical character. The reason why Matilde obtained her own Doodle was thanks to a petition, as an essay, which had to be presented for this recognition from the giant Google to be a reality. The author of the petition was her great-grand niece Jodie Padilla Lozano, founder of Team Matilde and activist for raising awareness about the importance of this Latin American icon. This was also stated to Google, a letter sent in August, and that the author shared in a tweet whose reach was 1,400,000 people!

This is how Jodie recounts what she experienced in her subsequent speech for the inauguration of the Matilde Hidalgo de Procel Library:


"One sleepless night I found a Google link that said: Do you want us to do a Doodle? Send us your essay. At that very moment I decided to ask Google to do a Doodle for Matilde because that year 2019 would be the 130th anniversary To my surprise, my work of art Team Matilde, was inspiration to approve my application and our dear compatriot not only became the first Ecuadorian to have her own Doodle but also her image appeared in all of America, United Kingdom , Ireland and Italy. Knowing that this small action allowed me to achieve the desired goal is, in short, something that as a family makes us proud. "


National media covered the news of Jodie, the digital newspaper Primicias and Diario Expreso.

There were thousands of tweets in which the national pride for the Ecuadorian Matilde Hidalgo de Procel was manifested. Matilde became a trend that morning of November 21 and recognized personalities and international media echoed the news. Below we share the most prominent tweets and a gallery with world news.

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