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Matilde Hidalgo Birth Anniversary

This September 29, 2020, we celebrated the birthday of Matilde Hidalgo with the Hashtag # 29SNatalicioDeMatildeHidalgo and we did so with the indispensable support of Team Matilde ambassadors , fans of Matilde Hidalgo and new Latin Americans who shared their lives on their social networks for the first time. This year, the pandemic changed our plans, but nothing stops us! It will always be an opportune moment to share the details of Matilde's life, her achievements and her leadership profile to inspire more people.

Weeks prior to the first and historic collaboration, Team Matilde promoted the digital campaign # 29SNatalicio de Matilde Hidalgo creating a publication kit for all social networks. We thank our Founding Ambassador for being an active part of the Team Matilde, Abg community. María Josefa Coronel.

Thanks to her remarkable work on Radio WQ, Jodie Padilla was able to highlight with her the importance of talking about the pioneer Matilde because there is still a lot to be achieved. The gender gap has not been closed and in order to do so it is necessary to rescue the female achievements of 100 years ago and the Ecuadorian of today.

We extend a very special thanks to another of the outstanding Team Matilde ambassadors, Javier Zegarra. We thank you for allocating the stellar space of Telerama Noticias to talk about Matilde Hidalgo with the audience that remains eager to know details of the life of this Latin American pioneer.

For Team Matilde it is a duty to heed the call of those who are inspired by Matilde Hidalgo, of those who stand out with their actions, their work and their profession, the sense of national pride. "More than your relative, I am proud as a compatriot to highlight the achievements of an illustrious Ecuadorian; it is the duty of all of us to empower ourselves and genuinely feel that Ecuadorians are great, that we have talent that needs to be recognized, not just 100 years ago. years but 2020: let's stop believing that in this country we cannot grow, stand out and change the world! If Matilde changed a region, we can all do it too ", says Jodie Padilla, founder of Team Matilde.

Thanks to all the people who echoed our open campaign with their respective communities. We greatly appreciate your support!

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, radio, television and streaming were participants in the 131st anniversary for the Birth of Matilde Hidalgo. May his legacy never be forgotten!

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