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Matilde Hidalgo's legacy will be officially celebrated at the national level

After several weeks of contact between Jodie Padilla Lozano, great-grand niece of Matilde Hidalgo de Procel, and the work team of the Assemblywoman for Azuay Gloria Astudillo, with her hard work, the assemblywoman made the proposed Resolution Project to commemorate the Matilde Hidalgo de Procel legacy officially at the national level on June 9.


This was a wish that Jodie already expressed on November 21, 2019 when she managed to get Matilde to obtain her own Doodle, reactivating national admiration and interest in keeping her legacy alive. This is how Jodie would express it to the President of the Republic Lenin Moreno:

On December 10, 2019, the proposal was presented in the Assembly of Ecuador, highlighting that it was necessary to pay the respective tribute to the first woman to exercise the right to vote in Ecuador and all of Latin America in 1924, almost a century ago.


In this way, in session N ° 638 of the plenary session of the National Assembly, the approval of the resolution is discussed, where an assembly member requested the modification of the name "Matilde Hidalgo de Procel" by the maiden name of the iconic Ecuadorian "Matilde Hidalgo Navarro ". Given the situation - and by continuous contact with the founder of Team Matilde - Jodie contributed via WhatsApp, from Harvard Business School, with historical memory data to defend the motion of the assemblywoman, resulting in a favorable closure, as indicated by the assemblywoman in the official recording of the plenary session, published on IGTV by Jodie Padilla Lozano.

Matilde's signature is part of the historical heritage of Ecuadorians and her decision to sign with her married name, as was typical of the time, is a fact for which no new decision applies. This was a topic that was already discussed the day that Google commemorated Matilde's life with a Doodle and now the debate was ended to emphasize what is important: the life of struggle of the Ecuadorian pioneer. The reactions were swift.

This is how the need to give notoriety to the life of Matilde Hidalgo de Procel at the national and international level is made official and from 2020, the National Day of the Female Vote will be celebrated every June 9 in honor of our immortal Ecuadorian pioneer Matilde, national pride.

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