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Species called Pristimantis Matildae

When a scientist finds a new species it is to celebrate it in a big way and what better way to do it than by drawing inspiration from internationally recognized personalities such as naming a new species of fly SCAPTIA BEYONCEAE (for Beyonce) or a new species of tarantula APTOSTICHUS ANGELINAJOLIEAE (for Angelina Jolie). The same should happen in Ecuadorian land!

In the last year, the research group - teacher "Laboratory of Tropical Ecology and Ecosystem Services" of the Particular Technical University of Loja, has worked on the project called "Conservation of amphibians in the key area of biodiversity Abra de Zamora" which is a place located in the highest part of the road from Loja to Zamora.

Here the research group made up of:

  • Paul Székely

  • Juan Sebastian Eguiguren

  • Leonardo Ordóñez-Delgado

  • Diego Armijos-Ojeda

  • Diana Székely

has found some very interesting and threatened species as well, including species new to science, such as the so-called PRISTIMANTIS MATILDAE in honor of Matilde Hidalgo de Procel.

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Details about the new species of amphibian can be found in the authors' scientific article, English version:


We thank the Ecuadorian scientists who rescue the legacy of Matilde Hidalgo and her work as the first scientist in the country.

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