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About Team Matilde

The BBC confirmed in 2013 that Matilde Hidalgo de Procel was the first woman to vote in a national election in Latin America, becoming one of the 5 precursors of women's suffrage in the region. This is a site inspired by her and her idea of the great potential that the feminine union would have, what we now know as sorority or feminine brotherhood.

Among its main achievements are:

- First graduate woman of a male college

- First Bachelor of Medicine in Ecuador

- First doctor of Ecuador



Her great-grand niece, Jodie Padilla Lozano , inspired by the family stories and teachings of this Ecuadorian icon, recognized that growing up with the image of a woman who managed to shine by following her dreams helped her to seek her own goals, empower herself and help others women on their way to their freedom of being, a freedom that has been culturally damaged and limited.

"Through the Team Matilde site, we all become protagonists because the reality is that we should all be proud of what we have achieved in any of the areas," says Jodie. "Matilde was the first in many things and we trust that this country is full of pioneers, of women who decided to do things differently and who today say: why did it take me so long to recognize my achievements? This is a space for share, but also to form contact networks and why not work ".

Team Matilde has made a symbolic recognition of women who have stood out in their sectors and who have contributed by remembering Matilde in their spaces of action, among these are: Poppy Northcut, Rigoberta Menchú, Adriana Gascoigne, María Alejandra Muñóz and many other women inspiring to whom we thank for wearing the Team Matilde pin. Many other Ecuadorians and Ecuadorians also carry the pin either for participating in initiatives for gender equality, for making donations to Team Matilde or work for the benefit of Matilde, one of those cases is Daniela Zaldumbide who donated the short film "Matilde" to our site and that we now share with everyone.

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