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We rescued the legacy of Matilde Hidalgo de Procel through the

formation of the new generation of equitable leaders





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Team Matilde was formally born in 2017 with the mission of rescuing the forgotten legacy of Matilde Hidalgo in the middle of the digital age. In that year, rarely heard or read about the contribution of this Ecuadorian for the civil rights of Latin American women, a situation that changed when Matilde's Doodle appeared ( Google: more information here ) management of Jodie Padilla, great-grand niece de Matilde and founder of Team Matilde.


With the support of its allies, since 2020, it has dictated programs of female leadership, equitable leadership and innovation to public and private organizations, NGOs and civil society organizations, with scientific evidence, and always inspired by the ethical and timeless profile of the pioneer Matilde Hidalgo.

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Panel Internacional - 1era Edicion

Jodie Padilla Lozano , Matilde Hidalgo's great-grand niece, is a scientific researcher, speaker, teacher and activist due to the greater presence of women in management positions. All her life she has been a historian of her ancestor and since 2017 she offers free trainings to the community so that new generations continue to be inspired by the Latin American pioneer Matilde.


Jodie won the Girls In Tech San Francisco 2019 "Share Your Voice" global writing competition, was selected as the first Ecuadorian member of the 2020 World Economic Forum's Gender Parity, Innovation and Digital Transformation Network and was internationally recognized as " Distinguished Lady of Guayaquil "by the Municipality of Guayaquil 2021.

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Poppy Northcutt, NASA Apollo Project Lead Engineer

Matilde is lucky to have you Jodie


Erica Nwankwo, Diversity & Inclusion Engagement Manager at Autodesk

Jodie has shown true passion and commitment and her design solutions are truly compelling.


María Josefa Coronel, Lawyer promoting culture of peace

The university researcher honors the memory of her great-great aunt Matilde Hidalgo

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Adriana Gascoigne, Founder of Girls In Tech

Thanks for sharing your voice! We want to share your story with the entire Girls In Tech community from San Francisco, United States

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Silvia Buendía, Lawyer for women's rights

I am part of Team Matilde

Rigoberta Menchú, Cumbre Mundial de Muje

Rigoberta Menchú, Winner of the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize

Thanks for this pin (Team Matilde) I will share your work with my Instagram community


Deidre Combs, Columbia University Teacher Leadership Author and Instructor

You come from a great lineage and I love that you call on women to lead. Hope you have a lot of success!

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Cynthia Vitera, Mayor of Guayaquil 2019-2023

Thanks for the pin (Team Matilde)!

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Mirella Cesa, Ecuadorian Andi-pop Singer, Golden Gaviota in Viña del Mar

I always carry my Team Matilde pin with me (on her charango)

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