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A collaboration of Team Matilde and Inspira Ecuador from the Embassy and Consulate of the United States in Ecuador. The first edition developed in 2021 was a completely digital experience that provides basic knowledge on equitable leadership so that fellows can professionally and positively apply the practice of equity and inclusion in their environments.

During the program, study/success cases, the economic repercussion of its adequate application and a manual of practices to promote equity in different scenarios were provided. Upon completion, the graduates obtained a certificate endorsed by Higher Education Institutions (IES) such as: ARGOS Technological University, Guayaquil Technological University and the Institute for Research and Innovation in Economic and Business Studies INECEM of the Catholic University of Santiago de Guayaquil.

ELP 1st Edition, was supported by:

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#PionerosDelCambioEC, an international panel inspired by the profile of Matilde Hidalgo as a timeless pioneer. In the 1st edition, the theme was "Reimagining Leadership", with national and international experts, to celebrate the #29SNatalicioDeMatildeHidalgo 

Panelists: María Alejandra Muñoz, Former Vice President of Ecuador; José Sagarnaga, PhD President of the International Committee of the Government of Oklahoma, United States; Cristina Reyes, Andean Parliamentarian (Inspira Alumni); Miriam Estrada, Vice President of the Arbitrary Detention Group, United Nations; Nathalie Arias, National Assemblywoman; Francisco Corma, PhD professor and creator of the Innovation Canvas; Carmen Padilla, PhD Affiliated with the Harvard Business School MOC Network (moderator)

With the support of:

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